plastic floor lumber price per square foot

  • However, the biggest drawback to solid wood is price: good-quality prefinished domestic flooring costs a hefty $8 to over $14 per square foot, installed. And exotic hardwoods ... Made of dense fiberboard topped with a photo image protected by clear plastic, laminates can mimic nearly any type of flooring. But many laminate ...

  • You'll also find cellular PVC and plastic lumber (HDPE—high-density polyethylene) decking, both of which install similarly to composite deck boards. We'll focus on composite deck boards in this article, but ... Composite decking, such as decking, costs $3 to $7 per sq. ft. ($1.50 to $5 per lin. ft.). Most lumberyards and ...

  • While wood decks were once the most popular option, the use of plastic decks rose in recent years. ... Plastic Deck Costs: $6.25 to $9.40 per square foot for a basic deck ... Shoppers can find composite decking from most home improvement stores, and those boards range in price from $20 to $50.

  • The boards' PVC core is covered by a UV-resistant layer of ASA resin to prevent fading, says the company. Prices run from $3.40 to $3.65 per foot; the collection's original colors (Avalon sand and New England grey) cost about $3 per square foot. Wolf, 800/388-9653, Login or Register to continue reading.

  • Here's how to calculate the cost of your order: The number of square feet of a piece of lumber is calculated by multiplying the length (in inches) by the width (in inches) and then dividing by 144. Example: Calculating the total cost of a piece of lumber 6" wide by 46" long at a price of $6.30 per square foot.

  • Wood floors, but MDF trim. White kitchen appliances. 5 bedrooms, an office, and three bathrooms. A play room, a family room, kitchen, and dining area. Lots of storage. Square, with modular design for ease of building and economical cost. There are built ins but we'll be constructing those ourselves.